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Our Mission


To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery.


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Our Vision

One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives.

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Our Values

In pursuing its Christian calling, the Council shall uphold:

  • Integrity through accountability and transparency;
  • Stewardship through sound resource management;
  • Professionalism through competence and efficiency;
  • Partnership by collaborating with others;
  • Servant-hood through fair and humble service.
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Press Release                                                  2rd April 2015                                      


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The Political Intrigues at the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Must End

As Kenyans celebrate Easter this weekend, top on their minds is the political heat that has resulted from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission’s report tabled in Parliament   by President Uhuru Kenyatta.. The report names some high profile state officers and politicians suspected of corrupt dealings. From the resultant political rhetoric, it seems that there are others who deserve to have been on the infamous List of Shame. EACC and CID should pick the cue, collect and examine information from those making allegations and speedily expand the list. This should not be made to appear a matter  political theatrics but a grave matter that  has a greater impact on the future and reputation of this country.

Incidentally, this is a real-life depiction of an even more ominous task that faces every human being: clearing their name in the eyes of God the creator.

When describing heaven, the preferred eternal destiny of all people, God in the Bible states that “Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life” (Revelation 21: 27).

Every person therefore has a duty to seek to be part of the list in the  Lamb’s book of life, which is only possible by accepting the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross when He died and rose again. This is the redemptive sacrifice that we celebrate each Easter, a reminder that on your own, you cannot get rid of sin and be declared holy by God.

Whereas we appreciate the latest development in the fight against grand corruption in the Country, the NCCK is deeply concerned about the latest twist that threatens to cripple the crusade against the dragon of corruption whose heartbeat remains in the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission.

The alleged threats and forceful ejection of some of the Commissions must be resisted at all costs to preserve the integrity of the commission and ensure continuity in the fight against graft. It is our considered opinion that those behind this kind of Machiavellian tactics must not be allowed to subvert justice but exposed and shamed just like those in the  List of Shame of corruption.

The Council affirms the role played by EACC and urge the Commissioners not to waiver in discharging their mandate as enshrined in the Constitution. We urge EACC together with the Director of Public Prosecutions to speedily complete investigations against those adversely mentioned in connection with grand corruption and apprehend those who will be found to be culpable. Nevertheless, we observe that  most constitutional commissions have performed far below the expectations of Kenyans. A mechanism should be found to hold all of them to account not just for maintaining the highest personal ethical and integrity standards, but also highest performance standards.

Significant amount of taxpayers’ money is spent on them and Kenyans deserve  full value for their money in relation to the constitutional objectives for which they were established.


As we celebrate this Easter, we pray that God will grant you peace and security during this festive season.

May God bless all of us, and may we have happy celebrations safe from accidents on our roads.

Signed on this  2nd  day of April 2015 at Jumuia Place, Nairobi.

Reverend Canon Peter Karanja


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