Mr. Joseph Ole Lenku, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government;

H. E. Geert Aagard Andreson, Ambassador, Danish;

Nardos Bekele, Country Director, UNDP;

Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, EBS, Chairman, National Cohesion and Integration Commission;

Canon Peter Karanja, HSC, Secretary General, National Council of Churches of Kenya;

Ms. Carole Kariuki, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Private Sector Alliance; 

Mr. Mohamed Hassan, Secretary, National Cohesion and Integration Commission;

Mr. S.K Maina, EBS, Secretary, National Steering Committee on Peace Building and Conflict Management; 

Mr. Michael Ndung’u, HSC, Secretary, National Cohesion and National Values;

Religious Leaders, Partners and stakeholders;

Representatives from our Development Partners; 

Distinguished Guests;

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

Let me begin by appreciating all our guests present for taking their time to participate in the launch of the  Pamoja Initiative Programme that we expect will introduce a new dimension in matters of national cohesion, integration, reconciliation, national values and principles of governance in our country

This meeting which brings together different stakeholders provides an opportunity to interrogate the role of different actors in enhancing national cohesion and integration and national values. It further taps into the skills, knowledge and experience of different players and actors in enhancing national cohesion, reconciliation and national values. 

It is my hope that at its conclusion, this meeting will set the agenda and provide an appropriate avenue through which a strong network of partners will be strengthened to enhance reconciliation, cohesion, integration, national values and principles of governance in our country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a country, we need to devise innovative and practical strategies that will promote tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of diversity among all Kenyan communities and racial groups. The Ministry anticipates harnessing the energies and synergy from other stakeholders in developing a sustained national campaign aimed at fostering cohesion and integration of our society.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a country we must put behind our backs to the dark past of ethnic intolerance and animosity and say individually and collectively “NEVER AGAIN”. From this standpoint, I wish to plead for your total commitment and support towards full roll out and realization of the objectives of this initiative and the resultant activities for us to be able to achieve the goal of a harmonious and peaceful society anchored on our national values. 

The attainment of national cohesion and integration constitute unity, equality, freedom, democracy, peaceful coexistence, social justice and the rule of law. These will enable our citizens perceive shared values, challenges and opportunities towards realizing our aspirations of our Vision 2030.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has been argued that a society without values is a failed one. Values define the decisions a people make about their lives. Like a compass, values give a people direction that leads to greater development. As the world changes, Kenyans are losing the fundamental values on which rest our character as a nation and a people. 

To drive this initiative forward, the Ministry through the Directorate of National Cohesion and National Values has been spearheading the promotion of National Values and Principles of Governance, not only to provide the basis for forming and regenerating our Kenyan community, but also to motivate us from within to do what is right. 

The Directorate is working on mainstreaming national values in Ministries, Departments and Agencies whereby they will be required to report on national values and principles of governance under the performance contracting platform. As a nation, we intend to be all inclusive in development of Programs geared towards fostering national values and principles of governance.

 Ladies and gentlemen,

The success of the first phase of the Pamoja Initiative Programme is an indication of the great potential that such a Programme has in building working relationships between communities and stakeholders. I strongly appeal to all our development partners present here today, to take a keen look at this Programme and consider supporting it into the second phase.

I undertake to ensure that the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budgetary process will take into consideration the initiative and beef up the three (3) institutions budgetary and capacity requirements for sustainability.

Once again, let me thank you all for gracing this occasion and showing a great level of interest in this endeavor. We look forward to working closely with you in this and other Programs.

With those few remarks, allow me to invite Mr. Joseph Ole Lenku, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government to present his comments and officially launch the initiative.

Welcome Waziri.