Basis of Membership

The National Council of Churches of Kenya is a family of Christian communions and organisations in fellowship and witness. A member of the NCCK must be registered in Kenya.

While recognizing that each church and organization has its own basis or order or doctrine, all the members of the Council accept a common doctrinal statement as a declaration of their essential spiritual unity.

In the doctrinal statement, the members of NCCK are united in confessing the faith to which the church has ever witnessed in One Triune God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, worshipping the Father revealed to the world in Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

They also hold the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as being God’s revelation of Himself to the world, and that these contain all things necessary for salvation and are supreme and decisive standards of faith and conduct to which all teachings and all creeds and confessions are subordinate


Categories of Membership

There are three categories of membership in the NCCK:


  1. Full Membership

This is open to all churches duly constituted in Kenya.


  1. Associate Membership

Open to all locally constituted Christian organisations, fellowships or groups organized to promote some definite Christian activities not directly under any church as defined above.


  1. Fraternal Membership

Open to any group which does not wish to or is unable to accept the basis of membership but nevertheless would like to have a fraternal relationship with the Council.


  1. Probationary Membership

Applicants for full membership, if approved by the Council, are in all cases first accepted into probationary membership. This is to allow the members of the Council to be acquainted with the applicant and for the applicant to appreciate the responsibilities of membership.


Current Members of NCCK


  1. Full Members
  1. Africa Brotherhood Church
  2. African Christian Church and Schools
  3. African Church of the Holy Spirit
  4. African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa
  5. African Interior Church
  6. African Nineveh Church
  7. Anglican Church of Kenya
  8. Church of Africa Sinai Mission
  9. Church of God in East Africa (Kenya) - Kima Mission
  10. Coptic Orthodox Church
  11. Episcopal Church of Africa
  12. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya
  13. Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya
  14. Friends Church in Kenya
  15. Full Gospel Churches of Kenya
  16. Kenya Assemblies of God
  17. Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya
  18. Kenya Mennonite Church
  19. Lyahuka Church of East Africa
  20. Maranatha Faith Assemblies
  21. Methodist Church in Kenya
  22. National Independent Church of Africa
  23. Overcoming Faith Center Church of Kenya
  24. Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa
  25. Presbyterian Church of East Africa
  26. Reformed Church of East Africa
  27. Salvation Army
  28. Scriptural Holiness Mission
  29. Zion Harvest Mission


Probationary Members

Scripture Union of Kenya

  1. Associate Members
  1. Bible Society of Kenya
  2. Christian Churches Education Association
  3. Christian Health Association of Kenya
  4. Christian Hostels Fellowship
  5. Fellowship of Christian Unions
  6. Kenya United Independent Churches
  7. Kenya Ecumenical Church Loan Fund
  8. Kenya Students Christian Fellowship
  9. Public Law Institute
  10. St Paul’s University
  11. Young Men’s Christian Association
  12. Young Women’s Christian Association


  1. Fraternal Members
  1. African Evangelistic Enterprise
  2. Daystar University
  3. Trans World Radio
  4. Trinity Fellowship
  5. World Vision