Our Mission

Our Mission


To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery.


Our Vision2

Our Vision

One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives.

Our Values2

Our Values

In pursuing its Christian calling, the Council shall uphold:

  • Integrity through accountability and transparency;
  • Stewardship through sound resource management;
  • Professionalism through competence and efficiency;
  • Partnership by collaborating with others;
  • Servant-hood through fair and humble service.
Mission & Vision
  • Press Statement by the Programmes Committee

  • Press Statement by the Executive Committee of Nov. 2017

  • Statement by the Programmes Committee of the NCCK

  • Statement by the Programmes Committee on the State of the Nation

  • RCEA Proud of CCMP Fortunes

  • Changing Fortunes in Kilifi County as Religious Leaders Engage Youths

  • Press Statement by the Extra Ordinary Executive Committee Meeting

  • Press Statement by the Executive Committee on 18th August 2017

  • Why the NCCK is investing in Kenya’s Healthcare Sector

  • Message from Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo; NCCK National Chairperson

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testimonies-from-respondents-global-fundThe NCCK in partnership with Global Fund has been implementing a project in seven sub counties in Nyeri County in for the last 5 years since July 2012 to December 2017. NCCK was contracted by Kenya Red Cross as a sub- recipient of global fund. The focus of the intervention has been three modules: i)...
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statement-by-the-programmes-committee-of-the-ncck NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja is flanked by members of the Programme Committee during a Press conference on the State of the Nation. LET US JOIN HANDS TO HEAL KENYA PRESS STATEMENT A. PreambleThe Programme Committee of the National Council of Churches of Kenya has today met here...
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thank-you-ncck-thank-you-cfcMy name is Tecla Wanjeri, a CFC participant 2016/17.First, I would like to thank God for this wonderful chance that He has given me. Second, I would like to thank The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) staff for giving me the opportunity to be part of Communication for Change (CFC). It has...
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statement-by-the-programmes-committee-on-the-state-of-the-nation  The NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja with members of the Programmes Committee during their meeting at Jumuia Conference and Country Home, Limuru                                      ...
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taita-taveta-miners-can-now-engage-strategicallyArtisanal miners in Taita Taveta county have been sensitized on the Mining Act of 2016, courtesy of a forum organized by the National Council of Churches of Kenya-Coast region.The forum organized in the county, brought together small scale miners who have now began to apply for licenses in line with the...
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rcea-proud-of-ccmp-fortunes The ultra-modern  R.C.E.A Kabore church building which is nearing completion . Reformed Church of East Africa-Kabore- is celebrating a number of socio-economic achievements over the last one year, thanks to the Church and Community Mobilization Process.The achievements include the construction...
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changing-fortunes-in-kilifi-county-as-religious-leaders-engage-youths CVE Stakeholders (representatives of all religions, elders and women issuing join press statement) at the JCBR-Kanamai on the 14th July 2017, after the two day CVE consultative forum amongst them. Have you ever wondered why the once volatile Kilifi South in Coast region has continued to experience...
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press-statement-by-the-executive-committee-meetingLET US ALL COMMIT TO CREDIBLE AND PEACEFUL ELECTIONS Press Statement PreambleThe Executive Committee of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has met here at Jumuia Hotel, Kisumu, for a two-day meeting to transact statutory business and discuss matters of national importance. During the...
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why-the-ncck-is-investing-in-kenya-s-healthcare-sector   Using the Indian Model of Healthcare Delivery, Jumuia Hospitals are Bound to Radically Change the Sector Jumuia Group of hospitals is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), set up to provide Christ-cantered high quality, accessible, affordable and...
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message-from-the-east-african-development-bank-eadbThe East African Development Bank places a great emphasis on the sustainable economic and social transformation of East African citizens with health being one of the key priority. To help us achieve the goal of improved healthcare in the region, we realized that our interests and those of the National...
Written on 26/06/2017, 14:53 by admin
message-from-friends-church-in-kenya-by-bishop-zablon-malenge  Friends Hospital Kaimosi began in 1903 as a simple first aid facility by Quaker missionaries who had been sent to Kenya by Friends United Meeting who had arrived in August 1902 and established a mission station at Kaimosi. Medical care was one of the four main objectives the missionaries...
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message-from-mr-kibuga-kariithi-jumuia-hospitals-board-chairman  The Jumuia Hospitals chain is adopting the Indian model where medical costs are 25 percent or less as compared to Kenya. Our model is based on micro-insurance, micro-finance and provision of financially sustainable healthcare which will potentially change the medical landscape in Kenya....
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message-from-rev-canon-rosemary-mbogo-ncck-national-chairperson NCCK Chairperson Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo Delivers her Message During the Ceremony at Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi, Vihiga County How NCCK Entry in Health Care Aligns With the Christian FaithThe soul of man which is invisible, spiritual and inherent in each individual is hosted in human frame of...
Written on 26/06/2017, 14:22 by admin
message-from-the-rev-canon-peter-karanja-ncck-general-secretary NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja Delivers his Remarks During the Service of Dedication and Official Opening of the Refurbished Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi Presided Over by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Vihiga County. The NCCK, by the grace of God, has established a premier hospital...
Written on 26/06/2017, 13:19 by admin
its-all-systems-go-as-the-refurbished-jumuia-friends-hospital-kaimosi-opens-doors-to-patients H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta Unveils the Plaque During the Official Opening of the Refurbished Multi-Million Shillings Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi, Vihiga County.  The newly refurbished multi-million shillings Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi is now fully operational, following...
Written on 21/06/2017, 12:47 by admin
press-statement-by-the-dialogue-reference-group-of-21st-june-2017  NCCK General Secretary Reverend Canon Peter Karanja is flanked by members of the Dialogue Reference Group during a press conference on peaceful, credible 2017 General Election at the ACK Guest House SECURING ELECTIONS 2017: DON’T LET CAMPAIGNS DERAIL PEACE AND CREDIBILITY PRESS...
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press-statement-by-the-dialogue-reference-group-on-2017-general-election SECURING ELECTIONS 2017: LET US WORK FOR PEACEFUL ELECTIONS PREAMBLE The Dialogue Reference Group (DRG) of the Multi Sectoral Forum, has met here at JJ Maccarthy Conference Center, Nairobi to take stock of the state of the nation. As we reviewed the country’s journey towards the 8th August...
Written on 19/05/2017, 11:36 by admin
ncck-lauded-for-empowering-women                                             Bakari, Lunga Lunga East Area Assistant...
Written on 03/05/2017, 07:49 by admin
ncck-to-monitor-2017-polls-to-ensure-credibility-and-peace  The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) will closely monitor political processes during and after the forthcoming General Election slated for 8th August, aimed at ensuring a credible and peaceful exercise. Towards this end, the Council has already trained over 36 programme staff as part...
Written on 03/05/2017, 07:44 by admin
plastic-no-longer-an-environmental-hazard-thanks-to-ncck-obel-foundation-partnershipIf you think that plastic is nothing but just an environmental hazard, well you may have to reconsider your stand soon following a new partnership between the National Council of Churches of Kenya and the Obel Foundation of Denmark.The partnership dubbed ‘Mwangaza Light’ seeks to turn...
Written on 07/04/2017, 15:27 by admin
encounters-from-the-f-k-youth-summit-and-communication-for-change-partners-meeting-in-norway Participants pose for a group photo during the youth summit in Hurdal Since the last quarter of 2015, I have been coordinating the Communication for Change (CFC) youth exchange programme, hosting Norwegian youths and sending Kenyan counterparts abroad. The programme is funded by Fredskorpset Norway...
Written on 07/04/2017, 15:16 by admin
ccmp-to-undergo-major-review-based-on-india-experience The NCCK CCMP team pose for a group photo with their Indian counterparts during their visit to that country The Church and Community Mobilization Project will soon be reviewed, aimed at developing a hybrid model for Kenya. This follows a one week visit to India by a 26 member team from the National...
Written on 07/04/2017, 15:12 by admin
united-church-of-canada-on-a-fact-finding-mission-to-kenyaUnited Church of Canada (UCC) has affirmed that it will continue partnering with The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) in areas of mutual engagement aimed at transforming lives. This was revealed during a meeting with visiting UCC delegation led by Cheryl Curtis and the NCCK’s General...
Written on 04/04/2017, 16:36 by admin
a-communique-issued-by-the-multi-sectoral-forum-ii-ahead-of-the-2017-general-election                                                     ...
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press-statement-issued-by-the-clergy-and-elders-forum-after-a-forum-in-nairobi                                                   ...
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press-statement-issued-in-machakos-town-by-ukambani-church-leaders Africa Brotherhood Church Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki and also NCCK Vice Chair is flanked by other church leaders during a press conference in Machakos town. UKAMBANI CHAMPIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT (UCSD) The Ukambani Bishops and church leaders meeting at St. Joseph’s Pastoral...
Written on 17/03/2017, 07:04 by admin
ccmp-does-it-again-the-story-of-pefa-migori-county  A gathering at the new PEFA County cathedral awaiting the grand opening of the church PEFA County cathedral is located in Migori town, along Migori-Sirare road behind Florence hotel. The sanctuary opened its doors on the 9th January 2000. By then, congregants were on a leased premise known as...
Written on 14/03/2017, 13:17 by admin
resolutions-by-nyanza-clergy-and-elders-forum NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja poses for a group photo with Nyanza Clergy and Elders after a two-day forum in Kisumu Towards Peaceful and Credible Elections in Kenya Nyanza Clergy and Elders’ Dialogue Forum RESOLUTIONS A. PreambleWe the Elders, women and Clergy from Nyanza...
Written on 02/03/2017, 13:53 by admin
a-joint-communique-issued-by-the-national-elders-and-clergy-forum-on-credible-and-peaceful-2017-general-election                                            NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter...
Written on 24/02/2017, 08:50 by admin
resolutions-by-myoot-council-of-elders-following-a-2-day-forum-on-peaceful-elections                                             The General Secretary Reverend Canon...
Written on 22/02/2017, 07:53 by admin
resolutions-passed-by-luhya-council-of-elders-clergy-during-a-meeting-presided-over-by-ncck-general-secretary                           ...
Written on 16/02/2017, 11:36 by admin
press-release-by-religious-leaders-on-the-health-crisis-in-kenya Leaders from across the faiths pose for a group photo after a strategy meeting on the state of the nation ahead of the 2017 general election. We the faith leaders of Kenya commend the ruling by the Court of Appeal that the seven officials of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union be...
Written on 10/02/2017, 13:26 by admin
towards-a-more-inclusive-transparent-governance-the-story-of-mwahanje  Mama Monica Mwahanje, elaborating her point in a past workshop This story is about the initiative of Monica Mwahanje, who is one of the twelve women ToTs, recruited by the NCCK Coast region in her implementation of Ugatuzi Na Haki project. The project seeks to advance inclusive and transparent...
Written on 10/02/2017, 12:57 by admin
towards-a-more-inclusive-transparent-governance Mama Anna Ngala, Village Administrator in Kinango, addressing the Council of Elders and KAYA, during the Kinango Sub-county forums with the leaders on 18th January 2017. NCCK playing a key role in strengthening our county.” These were the words of Mrs. Anna Ngala, a Village Administrator,...
Written on 07/02/2017, 12:37 by admin
forty-participants-empowered-for-ppi-implementation  Time to take some lessons...as participants go through the training in readiness for the PPI project The implementation of the Programme for Pastoral Instruction (PPI) received a major boost following the training of at least 40 selected participants from across the country.The team that...
Written on 07/02/2017, 12:35 by admin
global-fund-new-funding-model-gives-hope-to-those-infected-in-nyeri-county    Various groups take part in a walk to commemorate the 2016 World Aids Day The ongoing effort in home and community based care to People Living with HIV (PLWHIV) in Nyeri County has realized major milestones since its inception 5 years ago. The project collaborates with the County Health...
Written on 06/01/2017, 14:10 by admin
mindset-change-unlocking-farmers-potential A farmer in Yatta (beneficiary of CIM water harvesting project) takes participants through a session on how he uses the water he harvests on his silanga to farm commercial crops such tomatoes and onions. He had just transplanted onions to these beds as can be seen in the photograph. As part of her...
Written on 05/01/2017, 16:16 by admin
its-back-to-work-as-council-staff-reconvene-during-devotion Council staff follow proceedings during the first devotion of 2017 held at Jumuia Place Nairobi The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK General Secretary Reverend Canon Peter Karanja, has challenged Council staff with children to invest in them for a better future.He particularly singled out...



We have over the years remained focused on our mission while addressing the emerging needs of the various communities that we serve through our member churches. Such activities are coordinated through NCCK’s regional offices stemming from the head office to all our 9 regions. In the late 1980s, we committed to changing the mode of doing our programme work from implementation to facilitation. After a comprehensive evaluation of our performance for the period 1996 to 2001, we made a strategic choice to carry out advocacy work at the national level while facilitating the regions and member churches to undertake social services delivery. The regional framework empowers the County Coordinating Committees (CCC) to implement activities in collaboration with member churches.

 Over the years our focus has revolved on the operations and programmes around:

  • Enhancing Fellowship
  • Social Justice and Development
  • Advocacy for Social Justice


The Programme work of the Council forms the bulk of our work. The activities we undertake have a direct impact on the lives of the people in all our 9 regions where we operate. In this implementation structure, 5-6 counties are clustered to form a region, which is equipped with Council staff and an office.

a)    Capacity Building for Membership

Capacity Building for Membership (CBM) enables us to facilitate the  building of  capacities of member churches and organizations. It is achieved through the following interventions;

  • Organizational development process
  • Training on peace building and conflict management
  • Trust healing and forgiveness activities
  • Project management cycle and resource mobilization training and adaptable skills technology training.

b)     Education

We remain committed to enhancing academic standards in the Country by advocating to for  quality education to  all children. We also administer  scholarships for bright and needy students on behalf of our partners and implementing Pastoralist Education Programme.

c)     Social Services Projects and Programmes

Through this thematic area, we facilitate the membership to appreciate their role in social action aimed at responding to poverty, inequality and dehumanization. The membership is empowered to design, implement and manage projects effectively and efficiently. Those included are women and children in stress project and GarbaTulla and Turkana Children’s Home.

d)    Family and Community Health

The thematic area enables us to promote access to quality and affordable medical care by all people by supporting local community initiatives in conjunction with our partners. We have achieved this by implementing Global fund and Filling the gaps projects, Malezi Bora Project, Total War against AIDS and Huruma Clinic. 

e)      Refugee Services Programme

In the partnership with United Nations Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), we have implemented various activities at both Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps. These are;

  • Reproductive health programmes
  • Peace education programmes
  • Shelter programmes,
  • Livelihood projects
  • Verification of refugees

f)      Peace Building and Conflict Management

We continue to enhance the capacities of communities in the country to prevent, manage and mitigate against conflicts and violence. Following the 2008 Post Election Violence (PEV), we embarked on a programme of healing the nation programme through inter and intra ethnic initiatives. This initiative also included capacity building on peace  initiatives at community level such as Jirani mwema project and child protection project.

Through the office of the General Secretary, we have  mobilized NCCK membership and the Inter Religious Forum (IRF) to call for peace and security thus stabilizing the country. IRF developed and implemented a “peace plan” that focused on four main areas namely, humanitarian relief; media and communication; prayer and spiritual engagement; and political mediation. Other projects, which had significant impact, included emergency response project, Kenya civil society strengthening  project, protection and peace building project, Rift valley protection monitoring project and Nyanza  strategic  recovery forum project. These initiatives continue.

g)     Constitution and Legislative Reforms

We have maintained our quest for constitutional dispensation since early 80s, leading to the promulgation of the new constitution in 2010. These efforts were evident until recently during the implementation of the four anotted agendas, of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Commission. But, tactfully, we trained various church leaders to enable them engage effectively on constitutional matters, such as preliminary development and dissemination of laws, acts and bills and active engagement in the constitutional review process. 

While the writing of various statutory laws is on- going, within the framework of the constitution and the schedule six, we have embraced numerous changes that have been precipitated with the new constitution. The devolution law provided an opportune moment for the us  to overhaul our district structures at regional levels, replacing them with County Coordinating Committee (CCC). Similarly, the new law introduced gender parity rule for state offices, however, most institutions, including NCCK have adopted such changes in order to improve women participation in council affairs.

h)     Environment

With effects of global warming being felt in many nations, we  continue to join hands with other partners in the mitigation efforts by empowering communities to better manage their environments.  To this end, we remain focused in creating awareness on climate change and food security interventions.

i)      Ethical Governance and Accountability

Endemic corruption has fundamentally perverted the cultural values, religious beliefs and social fabric of Kenyans. Consequently, accountability systems set up by the government and other institutions have been ineffective. In this regard, we engage on the governance and accountability systems by enhancing the capacities of church leaders and the general public to recognize and shun corruption. Such initiatives included Pesa Zetu activities, community dissemination forums and WachananaUfisadi Project.


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