NCCK Launches Youth Training Centre in Ikutha

NCCK Launches Youth Training Centre in Ikutha

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has established a youth training centre in Ikutha, Kitui County, as part of its Child Centre Community Development project.

The youth centre was officially launched on February 7, 2024, in a joyful ceremony attended by Kitui South youth representative Steve Biko and Ikutha Chief Philip Ivuli.

Also present were Diana Ngovi, Ajira’s digital programme officer in Kitui County, and other leaders from Kitui.

The centre aims to empower and uplift the younger generation through comprehensive mentorship programs and provide them with the necessary skills and guidance.

The CCCD’s youth centre will offer cutting-edge computer training in response to today’s ever-changing landscape. This will help to close the digital divide and open up new opportunities.

Going beyond the limits of technology, the youth centre is poised to become a nurturing haven for holistic development. It will promote a holistic growth experience, developing individuals with various social skills.

These well-rounded youths will be prepared not only to face academic or professional challenges but also to make positive contributions to the heart of their community.

According to CCCD coordinator Alex Kananu, the youth centre will incorporate sporting activities into its services.

“This strategic inclusion demonstrates the center’s commitment to providing a well-rounded developmental experience in which physical fitness and teamwork are integrated,” said Alex Kananu.

Youth representative Steve Biko rallied the youth, encouraging them to believe in themselves and use the centre’s resources to hone their skills.

He also implored the youth to avoid harmful activities such as drug abuse, emphasizing the negative consequences of such decisions. Instead, he urged them to use their free time at the centre to improve and refine their skills.

“Never forget that you have limitless potential and that your journey is distinct. By avoiding the dangers of drug usage and making use of the NCCK’s resources, you are investing in your own prosperity as well as the betterment of your neighborhood and society as a whole,” said Steve Biko.

In his remarks, Chief Philip Ivuli of Ikutha expressed gratitude to the NCCK for establishing the centre, describing it as a transformative initiative for youth.

He recognized the centre as a pivotal development with the potential to significantly impact the community’s youth.

“NCCK has consistently demonstrated outstanding commitment to positively impact the lives of our community members. The establishment of this center demonstrates their ongoing commitment to transformative initiatives. It is clear that the organization’s commitment goes beyond the present moment, with a strong emphasis on developing tomorrow’s leaders,” said Chief Ivuli.

“With its programs and resources, this center is well-positioned to act as a catalyst in the development of future leaders who will be models for others.”

The Chief reiterated his call for youth to resolve conflicts through dialogue rather than resorting to violence and harming one another.

Diana Ngovi, on her part, urged youth to make Ajira digital training a top priority, stressing that it’s a workable way to deal with the nation’s pervasive problem of high unemployment.

Ikutha Youth Representative Mwikali Kituku said, “We appreciate NCCK for recognizing the needs of the youth through the establishment of this center, which is set to have a positive impact on their lives.”

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