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Meru County Coordinating Committee


Press Statement


  1. Introduction

The Meru County Coordinating Committee members of the NCCK Upper Eastern Region has met here at Hotel Ezri, Meru town, today April 27th, 2021 to transact statutory business and also reflect on the state of the Meru County. During the meeting, the members considered the scripture recorded in Revelation 2:12-18 that urges us to worship God in truth and spirit, and not to compromise because God is looking for people who are steady in faith.


  1. Issues raised by the NCCK Meru County clergy.

During a scenario building session today, the NCCK Meru County clergy noted that citizens of Meru County are not aware about the issues contained in the BBI. Signatures to pass BBI were forced through the chiefs. As it is now, citizens are confused about the direction BBI process is taking. BBI is not a priority as of now. Covid 19 pandemic has taken toll on the economic state of people and ways to counter its impacts should be a priority. Otherwise civic education on the BBI Report to the residents is paramount before the proposed referendum is done.


The issue of constituency boundaries mentioned in the BBI report is mandated to IEBC and therefore IEBC should take full responsibility and be fair in the allocation.  The issue is already causing commotion and building tension among Meru County residents.


There is high level of political intolerance which is already bring division among the Meru County. BBI processes may contribute to political instability, and in turn, the political instability will exacerbate the state of economic instability in Meru County and Kenya at large. There are already discussions going on in the various social groups in Meru County about BBI process, referendum and the 2022 general elections. Going forward, the state of peace and security in Meru County is likely to be affected if no efforts are put towards peace & cohesion building.

  1. Recommendations;

The NCCK Meru County Coordinating Committee wishes to make the following recommendations to various stakeholders;

  1. To all citizens of Meru County

The NCCK Meru County clergy calls upon all the Meru County Citizens and Kenya at large to maintain peace & Security always. No resident in Meru County or any other County in Kenya, should suffer or die because of either referendum, the upcoming 2022 elections, or any type of insecurity. Simply, we are saying NO to any form of violence. In addition, Covid 19 Pandemic is real and we call upon all the citizens of Meru County and Kenya at large to continue observing the MOH guidelines and protocols; Keep social distance, wash your hands regularly and wear masks.


  1. To the proponents of BBI

We call upon the BBI proponents to enlighten citizens at the grass root level on the issues in the BBI report for them to appreciate the content and make an informed decision. Citizens in Meru County are in dilemma on how BBI will bring inclusivity. We also propose that BBI processes be detached from the upcoming general elections. Let BBI processes be withheld until we conduct the general elections in order mitigate possible triggers of chaos.

Let our political leaders be sincere concerning the BBI process in its presentation because as it is now, BBI feels like a personal property to some proponents of the same.

We call upon the BBI proponents to allow the IEBC to do their work relating to civic education on matters public interest at hand, and the delimitation of constituency boundaries which is their sole constitutional mandate. We don’t want confusion!


  • To the parliament

Your mandate is well cut out in the constitution on the legislative process. You should play a proper role in protecting the constitution and its institutions by ensuring that the BBI report does not cause a confusion in the country by passing a law without interrogating its implication properly.


  1. To the media houses

We call upon the media houses to have moderation in the content they air in public. Always promote peace in your daily work. Be accountable to your news. This is because some of your news and reports are inciteful to the residents of our county which may breed intolerance going forward.


  1. To the Religious Leaders

The NCCK Meru County Clergy urges the religious leaders to be candid and not to be compromised by political selfish interests.

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, may God help the Meru County and all Kenyan citizens to always promote peace, justice and cohesion. We urge the proponents of the constitutional amendment process to take the initiative to bridge the divergent views and have consensus on contentious issues.

As we stand BBI Process has so far succeeded in dividing Kenyans further, but it is not too late to make things right.


Signed on this 27th day of April 2021 at the Hotel Ezri, Meru.





Name: Bishop Justus Bundi

Chairperson, NCCK Meru County Coordinating Committee





Name: The Very Reverend Canon David Nkaabu

Secretary, NCCK Meru County Coordinating Committee.




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