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My name is Marvin Omondi and I come from Kitale, Tranzoia County.

My dad passed on while I was still very young a toddler. My mum, singlehandedly raised me up until class six when she fell sick and was bedridden. Totally sick, she became unable to raise me up or do anything for me.My aunt then took me up and has journey along with me though with so much difficulties.

Growing up without a father was a challenge on its own. I had no role model to look up to. Being the only child of my mum, and being a boy child, life had to teach me in the hardest ways possible. When my mum was bedridden, raising food and other basics for my younger siblings became such hard task for me to accomplish. I took up so many menial jobs just to be able to bring food to my house. I almost gave up on schooling until my aunt came to my rescue. My mum’s medication became another issue to deal with and I had to learn on how to source by doing a lot at a very tender age.

With the help of my aunt, I managed to finish my primary education and got a chance to join high school. This proved to be even harder since I could barely afford joining to form one. With the help of well-wishers who raised some funds for me I managed to join Kanga high school in form one? Frequently I would be send home to collect school fees and other basic needs. Going back home at times would even be challenge since I couldn’t even raise that transport let alone school fees or any other basic needs. I would miss school several weeks to opening just to raise some cash for my basis needs, help my bedridden mum and also raise some school fees for the term. However discouraging and hard this was, I was determined to study. Study and become a better person in the society.

My determination alone was not however able to help I stay in school and quench my desire to study. I was ready to give up on education until one day my aunt came home with news about the scholarship program from the church. This appeared like a dream to me.I couldn’t believe it.i applied for it and luckily I was selected. God had listened to my cries and my pain.

In form 2 to form four life was different. Managed to comfortably stay in school and study peacefully without worry of being send home to collect school fees or even the worry of getting basic needs. What brought joy to me was the fact that I could afford a smile to my face? The program unburdened my aunt with the responsibility of taking care of my fees and also helped her raise funds for my other siblings in school. I didn’t bother about my needs…i was focused to study and to attain my dream. Somehow with the help of the scholarship, I completed my high school education without any fees arrears and any difficulties whatsoever. Miracle indeed.

The program has made me to realize that in life there is always hope and that we should never lose our faith in God. That the Lord has better and good plans for us and al we have to do is hold on to his promises for he says he has god plans for us and that even before he formed us he already knew us in our mother’s womb and already created a future for us. Only He has the final say about our life and no man can change our destiny.

I look forward to pursuing procurement course after my High school education. Become an asset to our community and to inspire others who have lost hope in life.

God surely works at his on time and his promises are not slow.

April 2024

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