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My name is Lorraine Regina Nabwire. I am 21 years old. I come from busia County, Samia Subcounty,Nampuku-Namboboto ward. In my early years, I schooled at Mudoma primary school before going to Moody Awuori primary where I did my KCPE and emerged the best student in the school and the sub-county.

After primary school I got an admission in Loreto high school limuru, however the biggest challenge was school fees, in my first year in the school, I was granted assistance by the CDF who pulled out their support in form two. At this point my dreams were shattered and I just at the verge of dropping out when NCCK picked me up in August 2012.

Having come from a single parented family where my mother was the soul bread winner my options were limited. At this point my mothers health was dwindling at a scaring rate. I had no hope left frustrations were part of menu as I continually pitied myself at the big school where every student looked satisfied except me. My three sisters were also looking up to the same lady for the support. It was one of those Sundays during holidays that my mother came with the news of NCCK searching for bright needy students to take care of there fees. Without wasting time I made my application to the noble body NCCK who later granted me a partial scholarship starting august 2012,I was really happy however the big question still remained where will the rest of the fees come from. I never gave up hope, I continued making my bursary applications some went through some didn’t. donors and well wishers gave a hand. Bit by bit I sat for my KCSE at Loreto high school and scored an A- of 78 points. Though not my best but I thanked God for the success.

Now at JKUAT I have no doubt that this far it’s been God, and the far I am going it’s still him taking me. Working hard each day to put a smile on my mum’s face and make my guardian angel proud is all I do. Desiring to be a transformational business and political leader, I am investing in all the opportunities in my life.

At the heart of all this is the desire to guide, encourage mentor and to give financial support to students who may be going through what I passed through in my early years. Besides studies am involved in various community service program for example in student empowerment team Kenya SET Kenya a CBO that carries out high school empowerment am serving as organizing secretary.

I am dreaming of becoming a cabinet secretary and chief executive officer of an established firm some day. All I do is to take the necessary preparation academically and professionally.

I know It takes tireless efforts but with determination all is possible, in a nutshell I will be forever grateful to NCCK for their overwhelming concern for as. Lastly a wise Chinese man said, if you want to invest in one year plant rice, if you want to invest in 10 years plant trees but if you to invest in 100 years educate children. I thank NCCK for choosing in investing in 100 years. Thank you.

June 2024

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