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My name is Lagat Bowen, a 21 year old. I was born in Kaptalim village, grew up in Marakwet East an Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Being a third born in a family of seven and with only a mother who was the sole bread winner of the family, was so hard to cope and grow up. My mum took up the responsibility she never asked for, raising us up and making sure we had almost everything we needed and which she could afford at her level.

Of course this was so tough on her, especially with no stable job or any other financial help from anybody. She did it singlehandedly.

I enrolled in the NCCK Scholarship program the year 2012 while in form two and when the only thing I could see was darkness in my life. Just like you can light a candle and put it in a dark room, the scholarship program became the only candle that I needed in my life at that time. Life before the scholarship program me was actually a story to tell. Being send home frequently for school fees and missing classes had become normal for me.The feeling of even going back home yet you confidently knew there wasn’t anything to collect was even more haunting.

I felt so bad for my mum any time I would be send home to collect fees yet she couldn’t even afford our basics. My other siblings were looking up to her for the same. Where was she looking up to? Several times I had to debate with this kind of problems and questions. I would beg the school to allow me stay in school with hope that one day I would clear there school fees but just like any other school, rules are rules and they have to be obeyed. I had to go home. Home that promised more pain that hope. Home that all I knew was panda home which promised no future but discouraged me more.

This was to be the trend until in form 2 when the scholarship program, miraculously was granted to me.My life changed. Hope came my way. Luck smiled at me.I got peace of mind to study. I had the willingness to a bright day. I would look up and smile every morning because I had something to look p for. My frequent visits home to collect fees ended. My other friends were happy for me.Happy that I was happy.

I look back to those moments and thank God for NCCK. They were a blessing to me at my time of need they reached up to me and completely changed my story. The wrote my story the new and best way possible. They brought light to me and shaped my future. Today I am a better person in the society because they reached out for me.Spiritually I learnt that God actually hears our cries and prayers and he answers at him own best time. I developed the heart and will to also help others in need and whenever I can because I too was helped.

Today my future dream is to accomplish my Bachelor degree and give back to the society more especially the need y students who are suffering just like I suffered. Being an inspirational and a role model to them however my biggest challenge is my tomorrow. I work hard now to make my tomorrow a better and bright day for me.

April 2024

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