Jonah Gichanga Mugoh


DATE:   7th DECEMBER 2017


Jonah Gichanga Mugoh is a young humble gentleman from Kiamwenja village in Kerugoya in Kirinyaga County. Driven by stamina and charisma his birth was not welcomed by a plastic smile but a trivial deter of life to unveilling after somedays. Welcome my dream weaver because this story may add an arsenal hope in you towards realizing the hiddden bonga points to your success.

Born in a family of seven was not  a bed of roses, neither was it a green belt of niaties, that is meant to tell you that we lived hand to mouth under the mercies of God. Hopelessly I was, peering through to my elders sisters and brother navigating through high school,good God. I saw a fartom of hope in achieving my dream of becoming an engineer, little did I know that hope instilled to me by my mum that God was coming to save me would so rekindle.

People pulled their effort just to see me get admitted to Kagumo High School having lost my first opportunity offered at Maseno High School and truth is the fund raised cash could only see me through to the end of 1st term which I had joined later than normal. Having staggered through the 1st term the new year 2008 arose in lilac smile when one of my class teachers who knew NCCK brought forms for me to apply. Luckily enough I got the scholarship. Tears flew and I couldn’t believe the magic. Really God is Good.

My life after acquiring scholarship shifted to equilibrium. I felt as if touching the sky, more than that, my dream to be an engineer was fired a slot higher. Oh my! No longer stress of school fees life in school became a super highway. I recall how my parents were stressed over me however,after my scholarship qualification their stress level went back to normal. Glory to God. They felt relieved a part of their burden was lifted. NCCK kept a close look over my academic perfomance and more to that they organized seminars, retreats and conferences geared towards propelling our dreams to reality.

Having completed high school, I managed to be admiited to Kenyatta and am pursuing Mechanical Engineering and hoping beyond limits that soon I willl own my legal title as ‘Enginner Gichanga.’ It has taken the mighty hand of God to be who I am today. I beleive I am a Destiny Changer and Dream Weaver focusing to change the future of this country and world at large through Technology-a transforming education system. You (My Friend) can also be one. Why be left behind? Disability isn’t inability. Soon you will be there if only you commit to your memory cause you are the best there is.

It is deep in my heart that NCCK nurtured me so deep to fear God and have great faith that good things are on the way  and true to their words, those are coming. Life may be unfair but God id good. Discipline and academic perfomance is an assest they pressed into me I cant risk losing. Very soon I believe, I will be there deep in the heart of my dream, setting off and implementing goals I launched many years ago. My fellow dream weaver what are you waiting? Arise and shine because dreams are real if effort is drawn towards them.

Remember don’t be left behind. You are the head and never the tail and when you reach your destiny, please remember to return a super hand of appreciation that NCCK may sponsor more needy people in Kenyan societies as you were.

May Almighty guide you and give you daily protection as you maintain the olliptical cycle towards your sweet destiny. Never ever give up let the sky be just but your lower limits. You can dream again. Thank you NCCK and may you live forever.

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