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I am John Mutembei born in the year 1997 in Kanuni village in Igembe North sub couty. I have been raised in a family of 7 children of which only one managed to join high school.

I was enrolled in the scholarship in the year 2016 third term. I was in form 2 by then and currently am in form three the same school (Burieruri Boys).

I really want to express my heartfelt gratitude to founders of NCCK because were it not them it can be so hard for me to describe my life if I can remember well although I was a bit young, my parents disagreed which led to separation while I was in class three.

They reconciled in the year 2010 and my dad took me to registered Methodist school (St. Mark) and I repeated standard 4. I worked hard despite loss of three years at home but unfortunately 2012 December my father died. Though my brother who is an Early Childhood Development Teacher, I managed to complete class 8 with hope that I could get scholarship.

I scored 368 and applied for scholarship in Equity Bank . After I had qualified to be sponsored, Maua Branch was informed that they had taken three boys instead of two which made me to be dropped. They supported me a bit and the area MP to join secondary school. Second term 2015 things stared becoming worse and the school fees 2010 principal announced to student who were needed to get sponsored. I approached him and narrated the story. He allowed me to go to an interview at Meru Headquarters. Fortunately I passed the interview and got the scholarship to cover three quarter of my school fees. After intervention of NCCK , regular movements in and out of school reduced and I started working hard. I started with a grade of C-(Minus) but currently am getting B related grades. I hope one day of my life I shall find myself in a big office paying people salaries and their pensions. Although our home is experiencing regular droughts and my mum aging, that one through God intervention I will not stop me from being an accountant in Central Bank of Kenya.

June 2024

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