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James W Gachanja

NAME:  James W. Gachanja

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  Peace and Conflict Management

After training on conflict management and response it has assisted me in solving alot of problems amicably.

For instance, I was appointed in Nyandarua Central District to train on District Peace Committee which has assisted very much in solving conflicts on land issues, and peace amongst the IDPs in large Mawingo camps, Kabingu and Milangwe where we had two land buying groups.

Being amongst the leaders on peace building, we were able to solve the problems or conflicts on food sharing issue, land issue and money payment and use which had been misused by their chairmen.

Through them we were able to return peace by using the learnt skills on peace and reconciliation.

On the same, when I was appointed as our congregation chairman through using leadership skills learnt I was able to uplift the stalled church building for twelve years to a completion stage in which I was able to succeed through using the four pillars of reconciliation and leadership skills avoiding anger, hurt and rumour-mongering to this stage we have gone so far.

December 2022

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