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Hosea Mwirebua

NAME:                   Hosea Mwirebua

CONSTITUENCY:     Thuura – Meru

DATE:                    12th November, 2013



a)     Before NCCK intervention, the group had not clear information on HIV/AIDS awareness. Many of the group members where shying away from HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.


b)     NCCK provided with good and conducive environment to know anything or everything concerning HIV/AIDs. It provided with facilitation fee whereby the group was carrying outreaches to various places.


c)      Our lives has changed so much to that extent of being free in our community either you are affected, infected or not affected or infected by HIV/AIDs. We do interact freely in our communities without the fear which was there before NCCK intervened.


d)     Beneficiaries were not able to discuss sexual matters before those HIV/AIDs awareness campaigns started. But today all the beneficiaries can freely interact with each other concerning sexual matters and its effects.


e)     The group has assisted other groups in the region by educating them on HIV/AIDs awareness.


f)        The group has pig rearing project which generates income to the project which we believe will push us ahead in our outreach.


My message to NCCK is to thank them so much for the support they have offered to my group and to all outreacher they have enabled us to conduct. I would also like to request for another round of global fund which will push us to another height.

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