Harman Mole


DATE:      14th DECEMBER 2017

  1. I come from humble backgrounds where I take mining as my core business.
  2. Initially I was closed mind person on the mining act but thanks for the NCCK for the enlightenment which am capable to translate the act, mentor others on the same and my mind to open this.
  3. I came to know NCCK from a village meeting cum seminar and it is through this I got a turnaround in mining sector and am knowledgeable person now far much than before.
  4. The NCCK gave me the knowledge and I came to realize my potential as a miner. How to articulate issues regarding my well being and avoid being exploited.
  5. I am a focused person now and do call for more trainings to explore more and create the link between the NCCK and the government (County National) on matters of mining.
  6. I can now call a meeting for my fellow miners and share what I got from the seminar and sensitize on the exploitation by the “mabwenyenye”.
  7. I can as well chair and mentor other miners
  8. Be a role model and leave a legacy against exploitation.
  9. Ignorance – initially I thought I knew but did contrary to what is expected of me both am out of it now and share the light to others in the dark.
  10. Keep up the spirit

         Share the information / meet the people at the sites.

         Link us to other like  minded personnel in the industry.

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