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I Grace Mwanza, seventeen years of age from Rae Village, Nyakach Sub-County, Kisumu County.

I am from a family of three children, two girls and a boy. My mum being a housewife and dad died n 2000 before I was born. I was enrolled in the year 2016. Currently I am in form four at Rae Girls Secondary School.

I was facing a lot of difficulties i.e. being constantly sent home for fees due to inability of it being paid on time by my aunt. I was called to the deputy principal’s office and she was the one who introduced me to pastor Joshua from whom all information got conveyed to me. I was frequently out of school due to the inability of my aunt, who was a retired nurse to pay for it on time. My mother was notable because she was a housewife.

My fees was partly paid hence reducing the bulk making it easy for the remaining part to be paid. My fees being paid changed my attitude and made my attitude and made me step out of being registered to achieving a mediocre grade and leading the same life to yarning for an extemporal life. The project is good as it has been of great help to me.

It changed my perception of the life want to live. Most importantly it gave me an opportunity to be school and more time to study harder and aim far excellent grades. It also made me to want to give back to the society by being the same far a child when I grow up.

My dream is to be a neurosurgeon and be able to influence and motivate a child to work towards achieving whatever she has purposed.

The biggest challenge is Kiswahili especially lugha which I am reading so as to improve. I have also been bought a book to help me in improvement.


‘Between yesterday’s dreams and tomorrow’s regret I have today so I will make it count’

June 2024

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