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DATE:   7th DECEMBER 2017

I am Francis Kipyegon Tuitoek, a former student Ndururumo High school in Nyahururu from 2011 – 2014.  I am a beneficiary of NCCK scholarship between 2012 – 2014 when I successfully completed my secondary education and scored an A- of 78 points.  This qualification secured my admission to University of Eldoret in 2015 in the school of engineering department of Mechanical and production engineering, currently in third year.  I believe the scholarship made me write a great story in my family and the society, my story has always impacted many to fight unwavering battles and follow their dreams to the wildest best roots.  I owe God greatest gratitude for the ways He makes for the goodness of those who are called by His Name.  My story makes me too believe that in every platform God  presents.  He is always working it out from destination and just hold your hands to safeguard your foot steps to the firm grounds to change our stories to glories, our past scars to future glorious stars, our background trials to our destination triumphs, our life glooms to our blooms and  our tests to the mind blasting testimonies to transform other peoples lives and perception towards God.  This is my story.

I was born in a family of nine kids, four girls and five boys.  I happened to have been the last born in the family.  It was so unfortunate that my father passed on shortly after I was born.  I rarely can remember the resemblance of my father.  It was hard time to the family considering that  his sickness had rendered the family poor, to add to the tragedy, the close relatives departed from the family issues due to their personal issues that were not met.  It was a tough task for mother to raise all of us successfully considering she was not wokring.This resulted to some of my brothers and sisters to abort their academic progress for the sake of us who were growing.  It was tough but we thank God He saw us through successfully.  I attended primary school and did my KCPE in 2009 and scored 381 marks but it was unfortunate or fortunate that I had sat for the exam with one of my sisters and happened to have scored 312 marks. Being younger, I was advised to step back to pave way for my sister to join secondary school and that is exactly what I did.  Someone saw my disparity and happened to take you to another primary school instead of just staying at home as a I waited to join the following year.  I opted not to stiffen my neck because I had no idea what God had for me in store.  I went back and God gave me the same marks I had scored the previous year.,  I had to accept the fate.  The admission letter to join secondary school was brought but the family situation was the same.  The person mr. John Wataki who had helped me in the second time trial in primary school advised my fmaily not to take me to the school I was admitted to lessen the strain for fees payment and transport costs to school.  He took the personal initiative to seek admission for me in Ndururumo High school and that is how I ended uup there.  The first year of studies was streneous at times leading to absenteeism of more that a week due to school fees problems.  Despite the tussles, I had a purpose that I owe to God, society and my family.  I always prayed to be the saviour of my family.  It called for great sacrifice to persevered and still maintain the smile knowing that God was in control and that it was only a matter of time before the whole story turn glorious,  I remember confessing to one of my brothers that I didn’t make to my dread secondary school but that I would fight to obtain what I would have obtained if happended to attend it.  I was so bitter that no one had evey joined university in my family.

Miraculously, in form two when I was just coming from home to source for school fees, my class teacher informed my aobu the two scholarship opportunities that NCCK had requested the school to search for a need student.  He told me about the requirement and informed me to apply for it.  This was aggravated by my discipline and exemplary results in my academic and leadership roles that I have been entrusted with.  Then I was an assistant exam coordinator in mathematics club, official in guiding and counselling and champion in various mathematics contests in the schools we could attend.  I cried in joy for the light that had just been illuminated form a far tunnel.  I took the initiative of applying for the scholarship.  Grateful to God and NCCK for shortlisting me for the scholarshiop program.  The day for interview finally reached and I was supposed to attend it in Nyeri.  I was told to go and pick my mother to accompany me.  I say no logic to take my mother to accompany me due to the fact that I didn’t know about the place and that my mother was illiterate and didn’t know about the place.  I happened to inform my teacher about it and he saw sense in it.  He talked to the principal who opted to provide finance for the journey and another teacher to accompany me for the interview.  We arrived safely and I partook the interview successfully and we went as we waited for the results.  By God’s hand I was awarded the scholarship.  It was the best moment of my life, the fighting strength in me was rejuvenated to the best roots.

The scholarship motivated me to do the best.  It helped me grow in spiritual and other leadership.  In 2013,  I served as the president of all Laikipia county residents, vice chairman and the christian union, deputy school captain, vice chairman in mathematics club and still served in guiding and counselling as a member.  In 2014, I handed over the county presidency, promoted to serve a school captain, chairman of the christian union and chairman in mathematics club.  Despite these responsibilities, I still know that I was a student and worked tirelessly not to ashame God,, society, family and the mission that I had set my heart to pursue.

Finally, the results were released and I had passed well.  I thought of ways that I could give back to the society and found that I had one option to volunteer in teaching.  I volunteered to teach for the whole term in the neighbouring school and I joined a mentoring group that would go school to school giving hopes to students.   I did it for wholeheartedly because I saw that the only way to touch God’s heart through service to humanity the same way NCCK had changed my life.  I joined the university and was chosen as the class representative in my department.  This far I thank God for the good plancs He has for every soul he created.

I owe NCCK fraternity a lot of thanks for the trust they had in me and invested their resources on me.  god bless you abudantly and increase your stores to give hope to many others.  Through you I have learnt that you don’t become poor by giving, neither do you become rich by withholding what you have and that it is not about abudant of resources but the abudant of heart and love.  God hasn’t brought anyone to just come and be ashamed but to create a testimony to be hope nad make others smile.  My candle was lit and am ready at all costs to light others within my ability.  I felt and still feel your love.  God bless you.

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