Claire Wangui Kamau


DATE:   7th DECEMBER 2017

I am Claire Wangui Kamau, a beneficiary of the NCCK scholarship. I am grateful for the financial support you have offered me throughout my secondary education.  I am the firstborn in the family of four. I got into the program in 2015 when I was in form two. I had lost hope but God is gracious that he  sent you my way and helped in paying of my school fees.

My dad was sick and my mum had no stable job to sustain the family. We went through a lot of struggle since my dad was sick. My other siblings were in school and they also needed some money for their upkeep and some for school purposes. It was hard for us so I had to drop out due to the circumstances. We couldn’t meet the expected school fees and dropping out was the only solution.

Due to the situation, my mom told our pastor about the resolution that we had made. He was the one who introduced us to the program since he knew about it. We got all the required documents and sent them to the head office I got some hope and we earnestly prayed for the process to succeed. Many are the days I have spent crying and asking  myself so many questions, other times I have had sleepless nights thinking of what was going to become of me. But God is gracious I got the scholarship and I saw a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

I was very excited and resolved to put extra efforts in my academics for me to get the best of myself. My dream is becoming a laywer and I am certain that I am going to achieve. I recently finished my secondary education and I am sure that I am going to pass with flying colours.

All I can say is thank you and may the Lord expand your territories and abudantly bless you.

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