Andrew Muli

Andrew Muli

My name is Andrew Muli Muthama and I am 21 years old. I come from Wikililye village, Kitui central sub-county, Kituicounty. I have been brought up by a single mother. My dad passed away when I was 6 years old. As a single mother, my mum has always been supportive in my entire life. She always worked hard to ensure my needs are met. My hero.

I got enrolled to the N.C.C.K scholarship programme in 2012 through my then church pastor, Pastor Kitoo. As my mentor, he advised me to apply for the scholarship since he well knew my background and the challenges I was going through. Currently, am in Kenyatta University, third year, studying Bachelor of Economics and Statistics.

After completing my primary school education, I was admitted to Machakos School, one of the best schools in the country. My mum was not able to raise my school fees in due time. As a result, I faced a tough time in the whole of form one. I was always send home for school fees, missed a lot of classes and generally, I was far much behind compared to other students. I had to transfer from Machakos school to my neighboring day school Yumbisye Secondary School. I felt like giving up in life. As a bright student, I knew the importance of being in school. I was ready to prove to everyone it can be done anywhere.

My school fees were always paid in good time, thank you to N.C.C.K sponsorship programme for the support. I had all the time in school, enough textbooks and zero reasons to fail. My hard work was not disappointed afterwards. I emerged the best student in my school with A- of 80 points. I got the opportunity to study economic and statistics in Kenyatta University.

I am now working towards becoming the best statistical person in the country. Everybody has a question to answer to the society. If you are not doing it, then who will?

I wish to congratulate NCCK sponsorship programme for their great support in promoting education in our society. I am working extra hard to become part of the team. May the

Almighty Lord bless them for their generous activities in the society.

Andrew Muli

April 2024

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