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Amos Muchiri

NAME:                   Amos Muchiri

CONSTITUENCY:     Maai – Mahiu

DATE:                   18th November, 2013


1)     The lack of knowledge and fear of going for services were known in the location (maai-mahiu) and even when many were referred to the services such as VCT and STI’s screening they would travel to other town. The fear was just due to lack of proper information with believe when tested and turns negative there would be emergency of discrimination.


2)     The provision of outreaches where many youths were able to dance naked and reveal their fear changed beliefs and myths within the community making us and our partners (NCCK) and Road wellness centre achieve our goals. These outreaches changed lives making it easy to communicate issues regarding health and linking those who wanted services to get them.


3)     The outreaches have the courage to access services within their town. Also the behavior change of youths interms of use of prevention method when having sex. And also learning economic empowerment skills through other partners who approached us (K-Note) SILC.


4)     The communities before were not able to go to outreaches discussion issues of health and also to open and discuss the issue of life challenges that faced each one of them in their town. They also didn’t know who to go to when infection like STI’s and need of testing was needed to either them or their friends.


5)     Since those who came for this outreaches were from different regions sarrounding the town but a few kilometers from town they we able to mobilize other communities and call us for a session that even not reported was enjoyable since those who had changed through our outreaches would request going with us and testify.


Even when NCCK were not supporting the community would request for outreaches even four times a month and we got encouraged by their good will and effort in empowering the whole communities in general and we still hope to continue with the outreaches.


6)     They requested us to be doing such outreaches and even stakeholders like churches feel that inviting us to their youth seminars would be good to the growing youths.


The group has the abbility to have the community going for services since even to date community members come for one on one session to us.


7)     The community especially the stakeholders e.g. Administration church leaders, other partners and local communities would rially like to thank NCCK for their support and look forward to working with them in future. Also the partnership to go on and activities invitation to our local area is guaranteed to NCCK.

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